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On december 7th 2015 I was in a severe accident involving a dog sled, a giant Norwegian tree and a steep downhill slope that turned out to be rather icy.

I smashed into the tree with my feet first (being in that sled) and shattered my right ankle, broke my left and broke a rib.

In the period after the accident I kept an online diary initially in Dutch. Below you can find the translations of those posts with the original publish date so the timeline is still the same.

I’ve had many questions in the last years of people having suffered a similar injury and I’ve always attempted to give the best answers possible. But – of course – I am not a doctor and can only speak from my own experience. Feel free to reach out or leave a comment if you have questions though.

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Hi, I'm Simone

Hi, I'm Simone

Welcome to my site. I am a health coach, food photographer and food blogger who loves nothing more then to show you that healthy living is not as complicated as you might think

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