I just did it. I drove to the gym this week and now officially have a personal trainer. Sounds just tough on its own doesn’t it?

personal trainer

See, that ankle… it just doesn’t make much progress. So I can do two things: sit on my butt (because that’s the most comfortable) or take some more action. Seems obvious which option I chose huh. Haha… Of course, I can’t do everything, so a lot of activities fall off, but there’s plenty left to work up a sweat. I enthusiastically bought an exercise bike at home with the goal of working up a sweat at home, but man…. It’s so boring! (Does anyone want to buy another exercise bike?)

As a result, the exercise bike is gathering dust and I still don’t do anything. So clearly I need a big stick, because there is quite an obstacle to doing something. First of all, it hurts, so that doesn’t help, and secondly, I have zero condition and thirdly, I’m about 25 kilos overweight. That doesn’t help either. Seven months of doing little is not conducive to your weight and overall fitness.

I was curious whether Nicole (that’s the name of my PT) wanted to work with me at all because she wanted to know everything first. Which is only logical because I do have a handicap. But after a good conversation, we set to work together. That started last Friday with a “measuring moment”. Ouch… That was a bit confronting. So my fat percentage is 48.7%. (The ideal for a woman is 25) The fat between the organs is 18. And my weight… well, I’m just going to tell you: is 102 kilo…. That’s a bit too much.

personal trainer

But the main thing is that I want to get fit again. When I go up the stairs now I notice that I have strength in my left leg but on the right I really have to pull myself up otherwise I can’t make that step.

Unfortunately Nicole is going on vacation first so the real work will have to wait but in the meantime I will start working on my diet. Believe me when I say it really helps when you know someone is looking over your shoulder. You think twice before shoving that filled cake down your throat.

So the I quit sugar program has officially failed. In case you were wondering. Not completely though because I do limit sugar as much as possible and I still have all the recipes so I can pick it up if I want to. And maybe I’ll do that as a guide for the nutrition plan. I’m also still getting a specific nutrition plan for my specific situation so all will be well. August 12 is the first fit test as a starting point. That’s going to hurt I’m afraid. Oh and I foresee a lot of muscle soreness in the near future.

But oddly enough, I am really looking forward to getting started with it. We are starting with two (very early) morning sessions a week. My gym is open at 6 am so no excuse not to go if I have to work. After work isn’t going to be it because my ankle is thick and less mobile. Besides, everything hurts then and I’m not looking forward to a training session. Hope that gets better with more condition.

I’m looking forward to it!


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