So, after all the drama stories lately about my accident and not going fast and so on and so forth, I thought it was time to share the good news as well. No, I am not going to run a marathon yet and no, I am not fully recovered, but I did have a check-up at the hospital today.

good ankle news

An important check-up because it was three months after the accident. A crucial moment because had the bones grown back together or had they fallen apart? I was quite nervous this morning when I climbed into the car because yes, what would the pictures show?

But miraculously, it looks like the bone is alive and has grown back together. The upper joint line of the talus (ankle bone) is nice and sharp and all seems to be going very well. I say seems because you have to imagine that there are nine screws in that one little bone so you might imagine that it is also quite a challenge to see through it. In fact I’ll show you in the photo below of my ankle.

My ankle

The real picture was a lot clearer though, but this was taken quickly with my phone from the X-ray. More iron than bone. Haha…

Anyway, everything was fine and I can start putting weight on my ankle. I immediately made an appointment with the physio for a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Plan of action so to speak…. But you may rest assured that I am very happy about it. Because right after the operation the chance of bone necrosis (dying of the bone) was still 99%…. ! The first picture after 6 weeks was also positive but still too unclear to say much about it. Even now it is no guarantee that it will continue to go well, but the longer it goes well, the better my chances are. Especially since it took four days before I could be operated, the doctors themselves did not expect it.

So now to work with carefully putting weight on and physio. In six weeks I will get a CT scan because that will give a better picture of the status of the ankle. So keep your fingers crossed just to be sure, but I am happy! Finally a step in the right direction.


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