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That stupid in between period

Well, I’m really fed up… Had some good news last week… The doctors are surprised at how well things are going. Insofar as it can be expected that it goes well with this rotten ankle. Because they told me right away that I should not expect it to ever become normal again. That there is a big chance I will have to have another operation and so on.

So yes, positive but with a big but….

Angry cat

But anyway I can basically do everything my ankle allows and that means I can walk around the house without crutches and outside with one. And it’s nice to know that it’s allowed and so I do, but man how disappointing….

After a “day” of walking back and forth I am completely exhausted, my ankle tells me to sit on my butt, but I am so sick of this inactivity! It makes me angry and I still have a century to go. I don’t see it that way every day but it is damn confronting that you just can’t really do much.

I don’t have to have another check-up for three months because, after all, it’s “progressing”. So it’s just waiting for things to get better. Or so… Because that walking is more hobbling and my ankle gets really swollen in no time. So I have those sexy support stockings on….

Weight wise it’s not going well either. Not at all. I am currently working on my own cookbook. Super fun of course but so not good for the waistline! I get fatter and fatter every week or so and since exercise is still minimal I don’t burn nearly enough.

So yes, hurray good news but not hurray for the current situation. And even though I am often told that I should be glad that things are going so well, I think something along the lines of “It’s easy for you to talk when you’re hobbling off like that” because just try being inactive for four months, five almost, because you can’t do anything else.

That is really not fun. Sorry, just had to get it out of my system.

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