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Welcome to Everyday Healthy!

If you’re checking out this page, you’ve found this little place of mine on the internet. Yay! First a bit about me.

My name is Simone and I am currently 60 61 years old. Even though that might sound old I don’t actually feel 60. Not that I would know how you should feel at 60, but that’s besides the point. I remember, all the way back when I was 18 or so, I thought that ‘old’ was someone who had reached 30. That felt old at the time. I’m glad to say that things aren’t as gloom as I thought they would be!

I live in the Netherlands and am single. I had a relationship for 28 years but that ended 3 years ago. The reason was that my guy had a serious alcohol problem and – at the time – didn’t think he had an issue at all. I am happy to say that he has since seen the light and has now been sober since december 30th 2022. Still early days but things are looking up.

I will share more on alcohol and alcoholics later as I do have quite a bit of experience there. Not the experience I wanted but that’s what it is.

In december of 2015 I shattered my right ankle which also has had a big impact on my life and still is a bit of a handicap. If you’re interested in the story I am posting all of the earlier written articles on my ankle under the category “ankle” here. The articles will be backdated to the original date of the Dutch articles as that is how I wrote them at the time. The accident is also the reason why I got inspired to learn more about food and how food can impact your health.

The prognosis on my ankle was pretty bad, but my doctor still calls me his ‘medical miracle’. Apparently I have managed to beat the odds. I’ve studied nutrition in the Netherlands and the influence of our hormones. I am currently following the primal health coach course as well as a course in the human microbiome.

I started this site in march of 2023. I’ve had a foodblog for 17 years (In Simone’s kitchen) and still have. If you’re looking for delicious recipes that is the place to go to. I post new recipes there a few times a week. You will find the occasional recipe here too if it’s a quick snap and based on the meal plan I made for that week.


You know how people expect certain things and I didn’t want to disappoint all the current readers, so here I am. Brand new site with zero readers. Which I do hope will change at some point but we’ll see.


My life revolves around food as I am a food photographer and a food blogger. I create recipes for companies or brands and that usually in combination with photography. I’ve been a photographer for about 17 years (just as long as my blog I just realize!) and specialized in food after about 2 years.

I have a studio in Almere (you see the studio kitchen in the background in the pictures above) which is also my home town.

The topics of the site are food, health and travel. I want to pay extra attention to getting older and still being healthy, as I think that is an important subject.

If you have any questions feels free to let me know and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

Health coach

In addition to the above I became more and more interested in nutrition and what it can and cannot do for your health. So I followed the following courses over the last couple of years and am still studying as there is always something new to be learned>

  • Natural nutrion (natuurvoedingsadviseur in Dutch
  • Trainer hormone factor (basically a course about all things to do with your hormones)
  • Primal health coaching (still ongoing)
  • Human microbiome (still ongoing)
  • Advanced functional nutrition (still ongoing)

As you can see I have a tendency to do many things at the same time. 🙂