Copenhagen – culinary delights

We have just come back from a short trip to Copenhagen (Denmark) and wow…. if you’re looking for a destination for a citytrip where you can really go all out when it comes to food, than look no further! I will share some of my highlights here but obviously the…

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New to vegan - now what to eat? |

New to vegan – now what?

O help now what about my protein?? You made the decision that from now on you’ll only be eating plant-based foods and no animal products anymore. But what are the things you need to look out for and which nutrients need to be substituted? And because I am still in…

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Hummus from roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes |

Hummus with roasted garlic and tomatoes

I’ve always loved hummus… Even when I was not eating vegetarian I had a big soft spot for that delicious Middle Eastern based spread. And this one… this one ladies and gentlemen.. is among the best you’ll ever taste. Roasting the garlic gives it that sweet mellow taste that is…

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Vegan pate with walnuts and sundried tomatoes |

Vegan pate (from Green Kitchen stories)

What to put on that slice? When I just started thinking about going vegetarian I had this panick moment where I wondered what on earth I was going to put on my sandwich. You have to know that I am a big big fan of bread so imagine the horror…

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quinoa breakfast bowl with banana and nuts |

Quinoa breakfast bowl with nuts and banana

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Quinoa bowl for two Time for a quick and nutritious breakfast. Did you know that quinoa is filled with protein? If you’re following a vegetarian diet this is a great way to start the day with a dose of protein. Quinoa has all the essential…

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Vegan while traveling |

Vega(n) while traveling

We’ve just arrived back from Copenhagen and I have to conclude that it is not always easy to eat vegan while traveling. For starters, I am still getting used to it myself, I find it hard to ask for vegan options and so I went for vegetarian mostly. That is…

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How to make a vegan parmesan |
Recipes, vegan

How to make vegan parmesan

Vegan cheese?? Cheese is not vegan and in most cases not even vegetarian. That last bit is not something a lot of people know. Try any vegetarian menu in a restaurant and it is likely filled with lots of cheese. But cheese, most cheese anyway is made with rennet. And…

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Chicory salad with tomatoes |

Chicory salad with tomatoes

Little crazy I was making the dressing for this salad when all of a sudden I had a weird thought. The salad was – as usual – made up of all sort of things I had lying around in the fridge that needed to be eaten and I was in…

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