So, time for another update…. Things have been busy around here. For people who haven’t noticed; I am working on my own cookbook. The book will be published by Nieuw Amsterdam in September and you can imagine that a lot of work was involved. Photo shoots to put all the recipes on film and of course the work that goes along with it (cooking, cooking and more cooking).

New studio

That was sometimes very hard because walking is still bad. But it all worked out, the photos have been submitted and the text is now ready for the first corrections.

So besides that, it seemed like the perfect time to rent a new studio. Hahaha. Because I didn’t have enough to do yet…. 🙂 Well, ultimately that’s more peace and quiet in the house because all these shoots here were getting a little too crazy. We barely had a house anymore so that’s really nice I must say.

How is the ankle doing?

Well, what can I say? I don’t think it is progressing at all. Progress is hardly there in my opinion (and the physio agrees a bit) so that is a bit worrying, although it seems to be a “normal” process. I think I also need to do more exercises myself to make my muscles stronger because I notice that I suffer a lot from that.

My endurance (or rather that of my muscles) is already getting a little better though. I get enormous pain in my Achilles tendons (always my weak spot) when I have been standing or walking all day and that has gotten a little better. But my hip on the left is starting to play up quite a bit because I walk oddly. I put less weight on the right and more on the left and my hip doesn’t always like that. My ankle is getting a little less swollen and less purple… We’ll just think that’s progress. Right?


We have decided to go swimming. Although it remains to be seen if I can manage on a slippery pool floor. I do put on something like shoes but I’m still hesitant. Trying them out soon… We shall see. But I think that it will be very good.

With all this busy work, I don’t have the energy to get on the exercise bike at the end of the day but I have to. So I’m going to improve my life. You all heard, right? No more lame excuses!

Losing weight… Well, let’s not talk about that just yet. 🙂

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