Unbelievable that it’s been a month already! So despite everything, time still seems to go pretty fast. Not fast enough for my taste but yes the days do slide by.

Some things have become sort of routine; Tom comes downstairs, makes a cup of coffee and we drink it together, while I update the social media on my phone and Tom plays his game on his ipad… 🙂 Oh and the cats crowd around to get a cuddle.

Then he takes a shower and sets up my washing bowl and clean clothes. Washing in bed… it works fine but god, how I miss a nice shower!!! However, those stairs are still an insurmountable obstacle so maybe in the next month. Fingers crossed.

By now I have other painkillers because the pain in my right foot was unbearable. I was having sleepless nights anyway, but it didn’t get any better with that pain. I am on Oxycodone. According to the pharmacy the last one before morphine. And it’s quite a heavy pill, I can tell you, but I’ve already told you about that here. But anyway, hopefully I won’t have to take it for too long. At the moment, even despite the pills, the pain is not completely gone. Tolerable but never completely gone.

The days continue to string themselves together a bit. When I am in the wheelchair I can fiddle around in the kitchen and help (or get in the way) wherever possible. We put another support on the wheelchair so my leg is higher. Too low and bang, the pain (due to swelling) kicks in again.

Blogging, thank God, is a fun pastime and we even manage to create a new recipe every now and then…. Photography from the wheelchair is going nicely and hey, we are obviously getting more and more proficient at it! And we should because next week we have three photo shoots planned. With help, of course, because nothing can be done alone. And then the following week even more exciting, because then we have a real cookbook shoot.

Nice. Not only financially but also to feel a bit useful again! Ah and so every time a step further right? The next orthopedic appointment is on January 26. Plaster cast, photos and discussion with my doctor. Hopefully more news then!


Hi my name is Simone and I am a food photographer and blogger from the Netherlands. I strongly believe in the power of good food and think that making good choices every day will definitely create a healthier future. I've recently turned 61 and now more than ever, realize that health is everything. Check the link below to learn more about my story. I'm a certified health coach and live in the Netherlands with my two cats Humhrey and Buffy.

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