Last week I went to the hospital for a check-up and – as the orthopedist put it – he was moderately positive. Unbelievable that it has been over six weeks since my surgery…. Time flies (normally when you’re having fun but a little less so)

Plaster came off and it appeared that the left wound on my right foot was open. Superficial and not deep but annoying because it dries badly. Luckily the right side was closed and looked fairly good. What I didn’t expect is that I didn’t have to put a new cast on it. All screws were still nicely in place on the photo and weren’t broken (I didn’t even know that was possible!) and the bone looked pretty good. That’s not to say it can’t still go wrong but so for now moderately positive. Yay!

Not my ankle!

Wonderful that I don’t have to put a cast on it anymore, but also scary because suddenly it is very fragile. Of course I still have to wear my robocop shoe, but the shoe has now moved from left foot to right foot. Because the wounds are open, I have to cover them every time and that does not help them to grow together. But if I have a shoot it is hard for me to work with an ‘open wound’. (And let’s be honest, it really doesn’t look good…) Apart from the fact that I have to be panicking all the time in case someone walks into it. Not practical.

But no plaster cast also means that I can carefully do exercises with my right leg. That is now limited to wiggling my toes a little and flexing the ankle carefully. Not very smoothly, though. Moreover, the entire underside of my right foot is still numb, so that is a bit of a problem. I can barely move my toes and one of them doesn’t move at all… Patience maybe?

I can use my left foot again, although that is also limited because I can’t let the right foot hang down, so crutches are out of the question. Just a little more practice with hanging down I think.

Even though the cast is off, I still can’t use it for the next six weeks. So that hasn’t changed. My leg is weird, feels sore and my calf has become teeny tiny. My foot is turned slightly different and I can turn it back but if you don’t pay attention for a moment it goes back by itself. I think it’s a matter of exercising the muscles…

Well, we are far from there yet, but in theory I can try to go upstairs (shower!!) and once I can walk on crutches I can sleep upstairs again…. I think.

I now use the gallows a lot especially at night with turning so as not to strain the right ankle and yes you don’t have that in your own bed. Plus then I can’t go to the toilet at night. So we have to wait and see how it goes! To be continued.

Update: The wound is now almost closed fortunately and thanks to the fact that I did not cover it the last day to let it dry properly. That helped…


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