Slowly I watch my phone’s alarm clock shift; from 12:15 to 12:16 and beyond. The nights really are so endlessly long when you can’t sleep. Tired I am, but the pain in that rotten rib doesn’t help. So I wake up a lot. Painkillers do help but not for very long. And any thoughtless movement and you’re wide awake again because of a shooting pain.

X-ray of my ankle

What I find especially strange is that the first two weeks I had a little discomfort in the left rib.
a little discomfort in that left rib but only since a week or so the pain there fairly intolerable. Bruised? Broken? I have no idea.
I just know that it’s pretty painful. But how crazy that I just didn’t notice that at first. Is that a built-in mechanism
of your body that you only notice the pain where it is the worst? (that would be in my ankle) That you have so much pain in limb 1 that limb 2 just awaits its turn? Or is there something twisted somewhere that now suddenly hurts?

Monday I called the doctor to see if the dent in my rib is a cause for concern or if I just have to wait it out. Because yes there is a dent. That you can clearly feel. That could mean it’s broken and not bruised. But bruising is apparently more painful or so people say, and well, painful it definitely is.
Exhaustingly painful too.

Photoshoot stuff

Never knew you could get so exhausted from something as stupid as pain, but it really is. Every movement takes effort. Turning around quickly is not a good thing because the pain is beyond what I can bare. Above all sit straight and don’t move too much. Which is funny because the recommendation with a bruised rib is to not sit still too much.
That is nice when you can walk and use all your limbs, but it gets a bit tricky when you can’t walk at all.

Been riding around the house in the wheelchair for two hours yesterday.
Lovely. That idea of being somewhat normal again. Although you can’t do much from a wheelchair. Our sink is suddenly
awkwardly high (the counter was made higher because we are both tall) but I still helped to make a recipe for granola bars.
I almost felt like a human again.

Humphrey loves having me in bed all day!
Humphrey loves having me in bed all day

But after two hours, I have to sit back in the bed and recover for a while. And god that patience! I still don’t have that patience. So frustrating! Fortunately I can keep myself busy. Blogging does wonders for time. Whether it’s in the middle of in the night, or just during the day. It keeps me a little occupied.

And despite everything, I’ve been taking pictures again too as you can see from the photos above. Not exactly how I would normally do it, but hey… in the limitation shows the master right?

Today is Boxing Day and soon Dad-in-law will be coming for dinner. Last night we had Christmas dinner with – yes – a nice croquette sandwich.
Haha… It tasted great. In the afternoon we had friends over and so we weren’t really that hungry anymore. Probably the simplest Christmas dinner we ever ate! Tonight table-top grilling although we still have to figure out where to put what. The dining table is brimming with bunches of flowers, cards and Christmas arrangements. No room to put a table grill down as well. Plus I do not know if I can sit at the table all evening. (most likely not)

We’ll see! Have a great Christmas all!


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