Ankle update # 3 – Overweight

Almost four months now since the accident so time again for a little update.

I have gained weight; quite a lot I think, although I haven’t stood on a scale in four months but a look in the mirror says it all. You shouldn’t worry about that’ I am told more than once, but of course I do. Because I am not there yet and if I continue like this I will weigh 150 kilograms in six months. Or something like that.


The point,of course , is that I eat as if I move normally and – indeed – I think I eat more than normal because out of frustration and boredom it’s easy to over eat. And of course I understand that that is not smart, and so on and so forth, but it is difficult not to.

So am I going to go on a juice fast now? Because “hobbling” on crutches doesn’t exactly burn a lot of calories. And despite the fact that I now have an exercise bike in the living room and bravely bike a bit every day…. that doesn’t help either. Oh and don’t say “Don’t bring it into the house” because it’s my job so there are loads of food coming in here on a weekly basis. Trying to stay strong is almost impossible…. (The flesh is weak as they say…)


Anyway, that aside. The ankle itself is progressing millimeter by millimeter. I go to the physio twice a week, who tries to pry my ankle loose a little (well, with care) and tries to loosen the scar tissue from the bone. Because everything is very tight. I can manage reasonably well with crutches and a wheelchair, although the fact that I can’t go out is still very annoying/frustrating. Yes I can go out the door to sit in the front/back yard but walking around the block with crutches takes three hours and is not really pleasant yet so it is limited to the front yard.

I can shower!

But I can go up the stairs and I can take a nice shower and grab something from upstairs if I need to. So that’s really nice. The recovery will take at least six months (according to the physio) and of course I had taken that into account but it is and remains a very long time. And it is strange to be able to put weight on my ankle, although that will gradually become more normal.

I can put weight on it well (with crutches, that is) and the pain is mainly in my front foot, where nothing is broken, but everything has taken a big hit, so yes, there will be some damage there as well. I’m still afraid that the whole thing will spontaneously fall apart, but we’ll just have to think that that idea will go away eventually.

On April 19 I have my next hospital check-up, so I keep my fingers crossed that everything still looks good. They will make a ct scan so hopefully they can get a better look at my bone condition. Because of all the screws, that is sometimes difficult.

To be continued! You can read all posts on the ankle situation here.

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