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Oats with nuts and lemon

Oats for breakfast Do you remember from when you were kids? We use to get a bowl of porridge every once in a while and I was never sure what to think of it. On the one hand it was quite ok (we also got a shit load of sugar…

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Beetroot salad with chives | everydayhealthy.net

Beetroot salad with egg and chives

It’s been raining cats and dogs all day today. Of course we picked today to go out for a shopping expedition… We both had the day off which doesn’t happen all that often and so that seemed like a good time… Turns out we were the only souls on the…

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how to make vegan mayonaise | everydayhealthy.net

How to make vegan mayonaise

Mayo without egg?? I had always believed that to make mayo, an egg would be essential. But as it turns out it is surprisingly easy to make without an egg. Not sure if you still need to call it mayo, but veganaise sounds a little odd. The recipe is so…

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