Funny how time sometimes seems to slip away from you and before you know it, it is almost the end of the year. I’ve not been too good with my fitness and meal routines I have to say. Not too bad either but also not where I want to be. So I figured it is time to step it up a bit. That might be a challenging time to focus on healthy eating, but now’s as good a time as ever right? So on to meal planning for week 47!

Green goddess salad


In terms of fitness I’ve been ok. I’ve been doing my regular fitness routine once every week and regular walks in between. Could be more but it’s also been crazy busy with work. The thing is that if I have walked around a lot at work, my ankle won’t allow me to do any more walking so that means no more sport for that day. That makes it hard sometimes to still be motivated.

meal planning week 47


In terms of food, this is the time of year that loads of people send me packages. And usually not the healthy ones. Haha. Just today I received a beautiful package with a bottle of Don Papa Rum and a special treat from a Dutch pastry chef which is insanely delicious. I have no trouble letting that alcohol stand but those sweet treats… I so have to get rid of that sugar dragon. It’s been roaring it’s head a lot lately. So work to be done.

First thing I did today was place a box of candied popcorn I received earlier in the back of the car. I will bring that to the studio for guests to eat. It’s always easy to not eat it when it is in the studio. As long as it is NOT in my home, I’ll be allright. I’m also gonna go back to regular meal planning, so I am planning on picking up where I left off.

Meal planning week # 47

I’ll be starting this meal planning tomorrow so on Sunday instead of on Monday. So this week will have one extra day. Looking at my schedule for this week it’s a lot of lunches and dinners so that’s gonna be a challenge but I can still make healthy choices. The plus side is that I won’t be watching tv on the couch, thinking about what to snack…

Sunday 19th of November

  • Lunch – low carb crackers with French cheese (leftover from a shoot)
  • Dinner – Slow cooker chicken cashew with rice

Monday 20th of November

Personal training today too.

Tuesday 21st of November

Today is a photoshoot for one of my biggest clients who sell cheese. I make recipes for them so it’s going to be a challenge not to dive straight into cheese heaven.

Wednesday 22nd of November

Shaved fennel salad

Thursday 23rd of November

  • Lunch – Simple salad with arugula, tomatoes, feta and cucumber (since I’m having dinner again)
  • Dinner – Dinner with friends at a bistro in the city….

Friday 24th of November

  • Lunch – with Laura
  • Dinner – At the steakhouse with friends

Saturday 25th of November

I’m thinking I might do a fasting day for 24 hours today to get rid of some of the excess of this week!

Sunday 26th of November


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