Meal- and fitness planning for week #3

A bit later than usual but here is my planning for the coming week. I have quite a few social engagement with friends so I haven’t planned anything particular for those days. That is just a matter of trying to not go overboard too far. Enjoy but still behave. Something like that.

Last week was ok. I lost 700 gram, so that’s pretty ok too. Especially considering I had a snack night on friday and ate a huge portion of fries with pork belly on wednesday. So all in all I’m pretty pleased with how the week went.

Dining out for meal planning week 3


In terms of movement; I had planned two bike rides but my bike didn’t want to play nice. It needs some maintenance so that is scheduled for next week Friday. I should be able to go back to riding my bike then. And to be honest the wind has been crazy too the last couple of days and I hate too much wind when cycling. So I would probably have opted for something else anyway!

So on to the schedule! I’ll be doing intermittent fasting the whole week, so there will be no breakfast this week. Also because I know I will have dinners too.

Monday 22nd of May

  • Lunch – sandwich carpaccio
  • Dinner – Fennel, quinoa and feta salad

Tuesday 23rd of May

On some days I like to do a prolonged fasting period. Today is such a day!

  • Fasting day
  • Dinner – Proteïn shake

Personal training @ Urban Gym

Wednesday 24th of May

  • Lunch – at my friends house again
  • Dinner – Poke bowl with fennel and salmon (Dutch recipe)

Painting or gardening at Jacqueline’s

Thursday 25th of May

Shoot for the site today so that will include a lot of tasting as well and lunch and dinner will both the dishes we shot this day.

  • Lunch – Ribollita – Italian soup
  • Dinner – Pasta with peas, blue cheese and courgette

Will be lots of walking during the shoot

Bike ride

Friday 26th of May

  • Lunch – Keto Cloud bread with cheese, avocado (Dutch and English)
  • Dinner – Moussaka

Bike ride

Saturday 27th of May

  • Lunch – With Charlotte
  • Dinner – With Charlotte and whatever we will be cooking

Walking at least 30 minutes

Sunday 28th of May

Gym training @ Urban Gym

If you want to keep up to date with the planning you can following along with all of the meal planning here.

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