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Meal- and fitness planning for week #4

A little later than usual due to the extended weekend. I almost forgot that today is Monday as it feels like Sunday. Last week was challenging, as I had suspected. I did not stick to the plan for most days, ate too much, had wine and in general had fun.

I didn’t gain or lose anything and that’s ok too. Life is meant to be lived right? And things like this happen. But this week is a new week so I am back to my regular planning for week #4 already. Here it goes!

Pilates planning week #4

Everyday will be intermittent fasting again, so no breakfast. I might occasionally change that around though. I do like a good smoothie so I might still have one on certain days.

Most of the recipes are new and not yet online so I cannot link to them but I’ve tried to include as many ingredients as possible, so you can still make it as well. (or ask me how if you need more directions)

Monday 29th of may

  • Lunch – Prote├»nshake with banana and blue berries
  • Dinner – Chickpea salad with confit tomatoes, egg plant and chicken

Tuesday 30th of May

  • Lunch – Green smoothiebowl with spinach, avocado and collagen (shooting this for a client so figured I might as well make it into my lunch)
  • Dinner – Chicken bowl with red cabbage, carrots, lettuce and a sesame aioli

Personal training at Urban gym

Wednesday 31st of May

  • Lunch with Charlotte
  • Dinner – Salmon salad with avocado, tomatoes and green veggies. The salmon will be a baked salmon

We have a donkey walk planned which is for about two hours.

Thursday June 1st

Can’t believe it is june already!

  • Lunch – Veggie omelet with leftover veggies
  • Dinner – Chicken with mushroom sauce and coleslaw


Quinoa salad

Friday June 2nd


Saturday June 3rd

Bike or walk

Sunday June 4th

  • Lunch – Smoothiebowl with leftover fruits
  • Dinner – mackarel salad


So that’s as far as my planning for week #4 goes.

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