It’s time for the new plan for the coming week! I am actually quite happy with how things are going. Yes it is not perfect and no I don’t expect it to be. I think one of the pitfalls we have as women is that we expect ourselves to be perfect in everything. Well guess what; that is just not realistic. So while I do try and stick to the schedule as much as possible, I do not beat myself over the head if something goes ‘wrong’ or is just not according to plan.

Weekplanning week 2

It’s all about being flexible while still keeping the bigger picture in mind. With that said, here is the plan for the next week! I bought myself the new Donna Hay book so I picked two recipes from the book. One is online and linked below, the other I couldn’t find but I did find one that is almost the same.

I am also trying Meeta’s fish curry on Monday. I’ll ask her if it is ok to share the recipe here later. More on that soon.

Monday – May 15th

  • Breakfast – Intermittent fasting
  • Lunch – Egg salad (Dutch and English) on flax seed crackers (Dutch and English)
  • Dinner – Meeta’s Fish curry

Bike ride 60 minutes

Tuesday – May 16th

  • Breakfast – Smoothie bowl with turmeric and blue berries. Sprinkled with flax, sunflower seeds and chia
  • Lunch – Tuna salad on rye bread
  • Dinner – soba noodle salad with roasted bell peppers, edamame, chicken and peanut sauce

Walking – at least 30 minutes


Wednesday – May 17th

  • Breakfast – Intermittent fasting
  • Lunch – whatever is available
  • Dinner – Greek yogurt bowl with fruit and granola (or something else quick and simple)

No workout as I will be painting in a friends house all day so I am guessing that will be enough of a workout!

Thursday – May 18th

Bike ride – 60 minutes


Friday – May 19th

  • Breakfast – IF
  • Lunch – quick egg dish
  • Dinner – Garlic fennel quinoa (looks something like this)

Personal training @ Urban Gym

Saturday – May 20th

Bike ride or walk – depending on the weather and how I feel

Sunday – May 21st

  • Breakfast – IF
  • Lunch – pancakes from leftover vegetables
  • Pan fried cod with dill caper sauce and coleslaw

Gym @Urban Gym


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