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Now that I am studying nutrition it becomes more and more apparent to me that there is still so much we don’t know. Scientific studies are all around that tell us what to eat and what not to eat, but most of all they contradict each other. One day coconut oil is fantastic, the next day it’s the devil. Who to believe? What to do?

It becomes increasingly difficult to make any sense out of what the media is telling you. I can imagine that people would get utterly confused and just stick to doing what they know rather than trying something new. But sadly for the majority of people that is not the best option.

I think that over all messages out there, there is one that is consistent: eat more fruit and vegetables. And really it is that simple. That and eating more homemade stuff. No processed food, no packages, no junkfood and the like. We really do know what is not good for us right?

Vegan, paleo or anything else: at the end of the day it is all about eating fresh and sustainable. I don’t really care where that fresh comes from. If you manage to cut out processed foods as much as possible, eat organic veggies and fruits and only eat animals when you know they have had a good life and are raised in an animal friendly way. Than you are going in the right direction.

Healthy fish

What works for me, doesn’t have to work for you

I think what most people tend to forget is that nutrition is highly personal. I know I do very well on a low carb, high fat intake. It makes me lose weight easily and without getting hungry plus I feel good doing it too. The carbs I do eat are mostly from vegetables and the fat – of course – needs to be high quality with the preference being omega-3’s and omega-9’s. I do indulge on occasion and love a good pasta or a homemade cake. I don’t freak out when I eat an occasional sugary treat as I know that I will make up for that by eating really well most of the time.

In the upcoming articles I’ll be exploring more on nutrition giving you some more information on why certain fats are good and others are not and which carbs would be best for you.

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Simone is food photographer and food blogger from the Netherlands with a passion for food. She's studying holistic nutrition and eats mostly low carb and high fat. Likes to try out vegan recipes but does eat some sustainable, animal friendly meat. (although still struggles to find eating meat animal friendly )

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