So here is the new meal planning for this week. I’ve switched things up a bit with the lay-out, making it easier to post the recipes so see how this goes.

Also I’ll be away for two weeks starting May 31st so I won’t be posting any new meal plans for that time. But again you can use the ‘old’ meal plans just as well as the new ones! You can find all meal plans here.

Monday May 27th

Keep in mind that all of the below recipes can easily be adapted to your needs or switched around. They’re posted in order of meal but you can easily eat the breakfast for dinner or lunch for breakfast. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Also I am wondering if I should continue posting the breakfast recipes as people tend to make breakfast any way they like. I do like to stick to a breakfast that – preferably – already has some vegetables in it. But for now I’ve made the meal planning for week #22 with just lunch and dinner. You can always check here for breakfast inspiration.

Quinoa salad with sausages
Quinoa salad with sausages
I love the combination of ingredients in this easy quinoa salad
Check out this recipe
Mixed beans salad
Mixed beans salad
Delicious salad that can easily be adapted to your liking. Add some crumbled feta for instance or some crispy baked chorizo.
Check out this recipe

Tuesday May 28th

meal planning week #22
Chicken mango salad
Easy and delicious is this chicken mango salad
Check out this recipe
Asparagus soup
Asparagus soup
Delicious and easy to make asparagus soup
Check out this recipe

Wednesday May 29th

tuna salad
Tuna salad
One of my favorite lunch recipes is tuna salad. It's super easy to make and can be eaten like this or with crackers
Check out this recipe
Sweet potato and spinach dahl
Sweet potato and spinach dahl
This delicious and vegetarian dahl is perfect for any weeknight meal. It's spicy and delicious. Keeps well for extra's too.
Check out this recipe

Thursday May 30th

burrito bowl
Burrito bowl
The flavors of Mexico but without the actual tortilla
Check out this recipe
dan dan noodles
Dandan noodles
This delicious recipe for dandan noodles will keep you craving more. It's so good!
Check out this recipe

Friday May 31st

Fritatta with roasted vegetables
Perfect for eating the leftover veggies up too
Check out this recipe
meal planning week #22
Tomato rice
Put everything in the oven and just wait for it to be finished. It's as easy as that!
Check out this recipe

Saturday June 1st

chicken salad with walnuts
Creamy chicken salad with walnuts
Another favorite for spreading on toast or crackers is this chicken salad with walnuts.
Check out this recipe
gado gado
Gado gado recipe
Gado gado is one of my favorite recipes from the Indonesian cuisine. It's healthy (well maybe the peanut sauce not so much though) and super easy to make.
Check out this recipe

Sunday June 2nd

Muffins with zucchini
Perfect for an easy lunch or even breakfast on the go
Check out this recipe
chickpeas with spinach
Chickpeas with spinach and bell pepper
Super easy and quick dinner with chickpeas and chicken
Cooking time 15 minutes
Check out this recipe

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