It’s starting to feel like summer so it’s time to focus more on summery meals. For the meal planning for this week, you will find recipes that are either published on my food blog In Simone’s Kitchen or published here on the site. There will be more recipes here soon but for now I’m switching between the two sites.

Where there is no recipe I will list the ingredients I am planning to use so you can – hopefully – follow along. But if you have any questions please let me know!

pantzarosalata for meal planning week #21

Monday 20th of May

Tuesday 21st of May

Wednesday 22nd of May

  • Breakfast – Greek yogurt with fruit and granola
  • Lunch – Quick sandwich (it’s photoshoot day)
  • Dinner – Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)

Photoshoot for the cheese people

cauliflower gratin meal planning week #21

Thursday 23rd of May

Friday 24th of May

  • Breakfast – Scrambled egg bowl with mushrooms. I make this easy breakfast usually with two eggs, I also bake some mushrooms and add sliced tomatoes and sometimes crunchy bits of bacon too.
  • Lunch – Greek salad with feta
  • Dinner – Sweet potato and spinach dahl (make enough for two portions)

Saturday 25th of May

Sunday 26th of May

So that’s for the meal planning week #21. Now in terms of the fitness planning, I am struggling a little bit still. I have a injury of sorts at the moment in my right hand. It’s actually arthrosis so at the moment I am wearing a brace to get the joint some rest. Makes me feel old but it is what it is. So a lot of the exercises are hard to do without using your hands. I’ll be doing squats and plan to follow along with the guy from Tone and Tighten who has loads of really useful exercise videos. A lot of them focus on flexibility and strengthening muscles which I think is just what I need. So will be doing those for most days of the week where possible.


Hi my name is Simone and I am a food photographer and blogger from the Netherlands. I strongly believe in the power of good food and think that making good choices every day will definitely create a healthier future. I've recently turned 61 and now more than ever, realize that health is everything. Check the link below to learn more about my story. I'm a certified health coach and live in the Netherlands with my two cats Humhrey and Buffy.

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