Does knowing things make it any easier?


You see… I know a thing or two about nutrition… I study it so that makes sense right? (Not that I have all the answers…)

But I also need to lose weight and while it is slowly but steadily going down I do stupid things too. I don’t mind if I enjoy a slice of cake if I want to but the mindless eating of whatever you find in the house? Yep, still happens to me.

Like today: I was doing really welll but than I came home after grocery shopping and felt that urge to eat something. Anything. So I started on a big slice of cheese. i normally don’t by cheese as dairy in general is making my allergies get worse so I don’t eat it. But I do love it. And than I found a rocky road in the fridge as well. I had made that a few days prior with a friend as we do cook together for our blog. The rocky road was a last minute idea we threw together. It was supposed to be for Halloween but came out all pink instead of bloody. Lol.. 🙂 So that was sitting in the fridge waiting to be given away. But than I figured i might as well taste a slice. You know… just in case I want to hand it to the neighbours. I have to know what it tastes like right?

Isn’t it weird how the mind can play tricks on you? Convincing yourself that you really need to have that slice? And than – as it goes with sweet stuff – I had a little bit and than a little bit more. And now I feel crap. Sugar and I don’t agree so well and we fell out of love a long time ago.

So here I am, writing to you as I feel the need to confess and to wonder out loud why it is that I do those things. Is it the sugar monster inside that is still roaring from time to time? Or what other self sabotage thing is it?

I’m not gonna die from it and tomorrow is another day so I try not to feel to upset about it, but don’t you know that feeling? That sinking feeling that you did it again..


What about you? Have you self sabotaged? And how did you do it? What are your feelings afterwards? I’m curious to find out!

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Simone is food photographer and food blogger from the Netherlands with a passion for food. She's studying holistic nutrition and eats mostly low carb and high fat. Likes to try out vegan recipes but does eat some sustainable, animal friendly meat. (although still struggles to find eating meat animal friendly )

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