Intermittent fasting


It’s one of those buzz words that seem to be going around all of a sudden. Or maybe it has been going around but I only just noticed because I got some information that it might be a good thing… Who knows?

I first heard about intermittent fasting through the Paleo Way program by Pete Evans. As it so happens I signed up for the program and am following it more or less too. Now I had no idea what Intermittent Fasting (IF) was so I had to look it up. Fasting for a couple of hours each day it seemed. But than – as coincidence would have it – one of the girls from my class gave a presentation on the subject of IF. And I got more interested.

What is it?

It’s really rather simple. With IF you do not eat anything for around 16 hours each day. That sounds like a long time but if you stop eating after 8 pm and have your next meal for lunch the next day you’ve effectively skipped 16 hours.

There are more ways to do this of course. Some people don’t eat for 20 hours or they skip eating days at the time. Whatever works for you. I don’t know yet if it works for me but I have decided to give it go. And will be chosing for the easiest option to skip meals for 16 hours. Quite simple too as thinking of what to have for breakfast can be a bit of a challenge sometimes if you choose for low carb options only. It saves a lot of thinking at least.. 🙂

What is it good for?

I’ve heard people say it is good for energy, it improves insuline levels and improved fat burning. Lots of benefits of which I cannot say anything yet. I will be keeping score so expect to hear more on that soon. I’m on day one now so not much to report as of yet!


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Simone is food photographer and food blogger from the Netherlands with a passion for food. She's studying holistic nutrition and eats mostly low carb and high fat. Likes to try out vegan recipes but does eat some sustainable, animal friendly meat. (although still struggles to find eating meat animal friendly )

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