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Diary of a whole30 – week #1


During our 6th whole30, I will keep a record of what I have eaten and how I feel. Technically I tend to find the first week easier although at the moment I am writing this part I have yet to start so you will read below if that was the case this time as well. We did eat rather poorly the week proceeding this whole30. We just got back from a three week holiday in Italy where I ate pasta twice a day, gelato every day and wine every day… Ouch….


Monday June 12th – day 1

  • Breakfast: omelette with courgette, bell pepper and spinach. Two cups of coffee (black of course)
  • Lunch: Coleslaw with white cabbage, carrot, walnuts and pecans. dressing made of mayonaise and apple cider vinegar and a sprinkling of anis seeds. I will share the recipe for that later.
  • Dinner: roasted potatoes with some kind of shakshuka with egg, spinach and bell pepper.

For the rest I drank a lot of water. I felt fine, but at the end of the day I felt hungry and developed a slight headache. Busy day and we were shooting pasta dishes all day. I didn’t have an issue staying of the pasta. (I wonder if that is still the same at the end of the week)

Tuesday June 13th – day 2

Slept really well last night. It can be a coincidence but still… since I am in my menopause sleeping has been a thing. So any good night is a bonus. Looking back on past whole30’s I do tend to sleep better in general and I have high hopes this will get better.

  • Breakfast: Omelette with mushrooms and courgette
  • Lunch: Another big bowl of that coleslaw
  • Dinner: Salmon from the barbecue with roasted vegetables

Wednesday June 14th – day 3

Pfft, not my best day. I did sleep ok so that was good, but somewhere half way through the morning all energy just evaporated entirely and I was mostly tiiiirrreeeddddd…. I also had a headache and in general felt like crap. Withdrawal symptoms for sure… This phase may pass quickly please….!

  • Breakfast: tomato bread with avocado and two boiled eggs
  • Lunch: Another mountain of coleslaw (all finished now)
  • Dinner: Shakshuka

Diary of a whole30 |

Thursday June 15th – day 4

Slept really lousy. I was working really late and my mind was still in overdrive so couldn’t sleep. I felt I had slept 2 hours at most and the alarm went of at 6 am. I had  a hard time in the morning. Tired and felt like I couldn’t move one leg in front of the other. It kind of felt like it was a bit better by the end of the day. Sort of ok-ish. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

  • Breakfast: Tomatobread with avocado and a boiled egg
  • Lunch: tunasalad with lettuce wraps
  • Dinner: Sweet potato mash with leeks
  • Snack: cherries

Friday June 16th – day 5

Slept a little bit better than yesterday but still very tired

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bell pepper
  • Lunch: tuna salad with chicory wraps
  • Dinner: Baked potatoes with mixed lettuce and smoked salmon
  • Handful of nuts

Saturday June 17th – day 6

Woke up this morning at 5.15 am as I had to work in Belgium this week. So I slept only a few hours and I feel completely worn out. Today was a hard day. I was so tired I felt I could sleep standing up and it was hard getting through the day. I think it is in part due to the whole30 but also because it was a tiring week anyway. That doesn’t help!

Since I wasn’t eating at home it was also a little more difficult. During lunch it kind of went a bit wrong as they did make a salad especially for me but added feta in it. I found it hard to complain so kind of ate around it but also ate a bit of the feta. And in the evening we ate at the hotel where I ordered a Greek salad which also had feta so not compliant. So be it…

  • Breakfast: Tomato bread with boiled egg
  • Lunch: salad with nuts and feta
  • Dinner: Greek (well sort of) salad with chicken and feta

So definitely not the best day but it is what it is. In theory I should start over again but since I already know from past whole30’s that diary is not where my issue lies (more with grains and legumes) I don’t think I will start over.

Sunday June 18th – day 7

Glad I slept really well last night because yesterday was a small disaster. I survived but it’s been a while since I have been so tired! In Belgium we slept in a hotel so for breakfast I had to do with whatever the buffet had on hand. Thankfully it was a extensive buffet so I took some scrambled eggs with veggies. Baked potatoes (but ended up not eating them as it was dry!) and a fruit salad. So breakfast wise, I was ok. My energy level was ok during the morning but in the middle of the afternoon I kind of started to get tired again. But it was a long day and it was also 30˚C so I would have been tired either way.

What I did find curious to notice is that when I went hoe (drive of 2,5 hours) I had no tired moment at all. Normally after such a long day and than followed by a really long drive there is always a moment where there is a danger of falling asleep. I usually than went to a gasstation and ended up buying something sweet. But now I felt fine. And even after coming home I felt ok and not too tired.

  • Breakfast:  Hotelbuffet with scrambled eggs, veggies, fruit salad, coffee and boiled egg
  • Lunch: Salad with grilled vegetables (eggplant, courgette, egg and some feta )
  • Diner: Chicory with tunasalad (I was home at 9 p, so not hungry at all)
  • In between: large fruitsalad and on the road a banana

All in all I think this was the hardest first week I have ever had! I think the combination of eating so poorly prior to this whole30, combined with a really busy workweek ánd the really hot weather didn’t help. In any case: I survived!

Hoping for a better second week!



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Simone is food photographer and food blogger from the Netherlands with a passion for food. She's studying holistic nutrition and eats mostly low carb and high fat. Likes to try out vegan recipes but does eat some sustainable, animal friendly meat. (although still struggles to find eating meat animal friendly )

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