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We have just come back from a short trip to Copenhagen (Denmark) and wow…. if you’re looking for a destination for a citytrip where you can really go all out when it comes to food, than look no further! I will share some of my highlights here but obviously the four days that we were there were not really enough to discover the entire city. One thing I also noticed is that it is relatively easy to eat vegan in this metropole. I haven’t as I also have to think about what Tom is going to eat (he is not vegan) and so we need to have options for both. Which also means that I ate fish this time around.

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Our first dinner was at Höst which is a lovely place somewhat outside of the city center. Copenhagen is not big so it is easy to walk almost anywhere you want. We did rent bikes, as the longer distances are easier that way, but for our first dinner we went from the hotel to the restaurant on foot. It was a lovely evening anyway, so perfect for a relaxed dinner. One thing I normally do not like is the fact that the restaurant has sittings. So you come in at 6 pm and have to be gone by 8.15 pm. Pretty strict I would say but in this case that was fine. We had been travelling all day and chose an early dinner so we could sleep in time to be out and about fresh the next day.


If you check out the website you can see that Host and Vakst belong to the same group of restaurants. We also went to Väkst for lunch the next day but we were slightly disappointed. The food looked pretty and fresh but was not as flavorful as the dinner in Höst. Still it could have been a coincidence or maybe we were just unlucky so do check out both if you want to.


The next day we went on our bikes to explore the city. And of course one of the places we went to was Torvehallerne, which looks a lot like our food hall in Amsterdam. Small but with lots of different vendors and choices of food. I went for a vegan sandwich with avocado, hummus and such and Tom went for a Vietnamese bahn mi.



Through twitter I got the recommendation to go and have dinner at Brör the next night, so we did. On the second night we actually didn’t really go out for dinner as we had just tried out the Green Burger place, which is a totally vegan concept where they sell – quite delicious – burger. I had the Mexican with sweet potato fries and chili mayo, while Tom went for the potato burger. I think mine was way better. Haha… But great idea to have a fast food joing but than with vegan burger instead. It is still fastfood, so not necessarily very healthy but tasted good.

The third night we did go to Brör and that was another great place. We had to tell them upfront if we had any dietary requirements and so I said vegetarian. What I loved about the dishes was that none of them was the same. Tom and I had a different dish each time. In some cases restaurants take the easy option out and just leave out the fish or meat, sometimes replace it with tofu and than just go with that. Not Brör.

And to proof that we did not only eat the entire time (…) some pictures of the freetown Christiana. Which is also worth a trip as it is a sight to be seen and some of the wall drawings are amazing! Just keep your nose closed as there is lot of pot being smoked so you almost get high just walking around. Still worth it though.

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On the island of Christiansburg is the streetfood Papiroen. Build in a very industrial fashion with lots of containers serving new purposes. We were too early of course but it looked promising enough to cycle back, which we did. Tom had his eye on a pulled duck dish and I had my eye on the Happy Vegan burger.. 🙂 Both (I’ve been told) where equally delicious.

For our last night in Copenhagen we went for Fiskebaren Kødbyens, or in other words, the fishbar that is located in the meatpacking district. Which was around the corner of our hotel, so again ideal to walk there and back. It was totally delicious and the concept is apparently very popular as it was packed. We made sure to get there early as we didn’t have a reservation but if we had been there ten minutes later we would have been out of luck.

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Simone is food photographer and food blogger from the Netherlands with a passion for food. She's studying holistic nutrition and eats mostly low carb and high fat. Likes to try out vegan recipes but does eat some sustainable, animal friendly meat. (although still struggles to find eating meat animal friendly )

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