All recipes in this category are strictly vegan and use no animal products whatsoever.

Hummus from roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes |

Hummus with roasted garlic and tomatoes

I’ve always loved hummus… Even when I was not eating vegetarian I had a big soft spot for that delicious Middle Eastern based spread. And this one… this one ladies and gentlemen.. is among the best you’ll ever taste. Roasting the garlic gives it that sweet mellow taste that is…

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Vegan pate with walnuts and sundried tomatoes |

Vegan pate (from Green Kitchen stories)

What to put on that slice? When I just started thinking about going vegetarian I had this panick moment where I wondered what on earth I was going to put on my sandwich. You have to know that I am a big big fan of bread so imagine the horror…

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How to make a vegan parmesan |
Recipes, vegan

How to make vegan parmesan

Vegan cheese?? Cheese is not vegan and in most cases not even vegetarian. That last bit is not something a lot of people know. Try any vegetarian menu in a restaurant and it is likely filled with lots of cheese. But cheese, most cheese anyway is made with rennet. And…

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Oats with nuts and lemon |
Breakfast, Recipes, vegan

Oats with nuts and lemon

Oats for breakfast Do you remember from when you were kids? We use to get a bowl of porridge every once in a while and I was never sure what to think of it. On the one hand it was quite ok (we also got a shit load of sugar…

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